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Asahiyama zoo 旭山動物園

旭川動物園は、北海道の真ん中にあります。この動物園は日本で一番人気の動物園です。東京にあってパンダもいる上野動物園より人気です。どうして人気かというと、動物たちがアクティブに動く姿が見られるからです。北海道に行ってみませんか。Asahikawa zoo is located in a center of Hokkaido.This zoo is the most popular zoo in Japan. It is more popular than Ueno zoo which is located in Tokyo and have Panda there. The reason why it is so popular is that we can see the active animal actions. White bear or hippopotamus are swimming in the pool ao active and another animals also play in the nature.Why don't you go to Hokkaido to see pretty animals?!


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