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Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Company name:Hello japan

Operation manager:Kumiko Terada

Location:3-1-5, Kouyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0022, Japan

phone number:+81-3-6883-7533




Lesson fee and payment method

Please purchase the tickets before your lesson reservation by a credit card listed on the website. 


How to attend

Within 24 hours after your lesson reservation, you will be informed of the way to attend the lesson by email. An online lesson will generally use an application: ZOOM. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of your reservation, please contact us.


Cancellation policy

1) All cancellations must be submitted 24 hours before the scheduled lesson starts. You can cancel your reserved lesson via email to the company’s representative e-mail address (not to the instructor in charge). Subsequent cancellations cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

2) Group lessons cannot be cancelled for any reason. However, if you miss Lessons, you can receive the video recording of the lessons that will be sent via e-mail etc. at a later date.

3) If we cannot perform the scheduled lessons at all due to our responsibility, such as inadequate network connection, the lessons will be rescheduled to another day. (No refund is possible)

4) If you cannot take lessons at all due to your network connection, 50% of the lessons’ time will be provided free of charge.

5) If lessons are interrupted due to Zoom’s malfunction, we will use other communication methods ‘Skype, LINE, etc.). If the lessons are still incomplete, the lessons’ time will be added on to other lessons’ time later.

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