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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") explain the agreement between Hellojapan (hereinafter referred to as “HJ”) and the participants or users (hereinafter referred to as "Students") of HJ’s lessons or services (hereinafter referred to as "Lessons"). Students automatically agree to fully accept the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions are written in Japanese and English and if there are any discrepancies between the Japanese language and the English language, the Japanese language will prevail.

Article 1 (Lesson Fee)

Students shall pay the lesson fees listed on HJ’s website and HJ will provide Lessons listed on the website to Students. Fees for textbooks are not included in the lesson fees. Textbooks can be purchased separately following HJ’s recommendation.

Article 2 (Application for Lessons)

1. According to the procedures explained on HJ’s website, Students will apply for Lessons by entering accurate and up-to-date information (hereinafter referred to as "registration information") regarding names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other separately defined matters.

2. When Students apply through their schools or workplaces, etc., the schools or the workplaces shall be jointly obligated under the Terms and Conditions.

3. Those who fall under any of the followings cannot apply for Lessons.
1) If Students are resident in Japan, those who have not obtained an appropriate visa in accordance with Japanese law, and those whose visa has expired.
2) Those whose purpose of learning Japanese is to impair the interests of Japan.
3) When HJ judges that the eligibility as Students is lacking.
4) When HJ judges performing acts for the purpose of so-called romance, such as encountering the opposite sex.
5) When impersonating a third party.

Article 3 (Acceptance of Application for Lessons)

When HJ confirms payment of the lesson fee, the contract regarding the provision of Lessons between HJ and Students (hereinafter referred to as “Contract") is established and Students are officially qualified as the students.

Article 4 (Payment Method)

The payment of lesson fees shall be made via the payment system (Paypal or credit card) on the website before Students attend Lessons. Students will pay the usage fee for credit card. (for details on Paypal, please check the Paypal homepage.) Other payment methods prepared by HJ are valid.

Article 5 (Recording Lessons and Using materials)

HJ may record Lessons, may provide them to the absentees as a material, and may post them on the HJ’s website, SNS, and other promotional materials for the purpose of the HJ’s sales and advertisement promotions.

Article 6 (Compliance and Confirmation Items)

1. Students must comply with the followings.
1) Only Students who applied for lessons can take the lessons. Others (including but not limited to friends and relatives) are not allowed to take the lessons together.
2) Students should use the contents of Lessons only for the purpose of their own learning, and use them within the scope of their private use.
3) Do not sell, transfer, or lend the contents to any third party in any way.
4) Do not sell, transfer, or lend the status of students to a third party.
5) Students should not take pictures, record sound or record video of Lessons.
6) Follow the instructions of HJ and instructors, and do not act in any way that disturbs other students.
7) It is prohibited to make direct personal contact with instructors or other students for personal purposes. For all inquiries, please contact our representative email address.
8) Instructors may change suddenly due to unavoidable circumstances.

2. HJ does not guarantee that Students obtain any qualifications or achieve in their business or pass examinations by taking Lessons. HJ does not take any responsibilities for academic works or businesses of Students.

3. In the case of private lessons, etc., correction of assignments, review of resumes, advice on jobs, etc. are only for improving the Japanese language skill, and there is no guarantee of grades or recruitment of Students.

4. For minors Students, their parents or legal guardians must apply for Lessons and pay the lesson fees. Also, the lesson reservations shall be made through their parents or legal guardians.

5. Students will promptly notify HJ of any changes in the registered information.

Article 7 (Suspension and Cancellation of Students Qualifications)

If Students fall under any of the followings, HJ can immediately terminate this Contract and suspend the Students’ eligibility, and the lesson fee will not be refunded.

1) When it is found that false information (including but not limited to registration information) was submitted at the time of application for attendance.
2) Violation of the Terms and Conditions or Japanese law.
3) When an act that may lead to a crime is performed.
4) When an act that is considered to slander HJ, related organizations of HJ, or Students.
5) When HJ determines that the Students act inappropriately and/or distract others.

Article 8 (Cancellation and Change of Lessons)

1. Due to unavoidable circumstances, HJ may cancel or change Lessons without contacting Students.

2. If Students cannot take Lessons due to HJ, HJ will reschedule the Lessons to another day. (Refunds are not possible.)

3. Due to unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disaster, earthquake, conflict, strike, etc., HJ may cancel Lessons without the consent of Students. In that case, as soon as the situation is resolved, HJ will inform Students of the new schedule of Lessons and attendance method by means of notification on the HJ’s website and/or email to individuals.

Article 9 (Cancellation)

1. Students can cancel reserved Lessons by the method specified by HJ (generally, by email to HJ’s representative e-mail address), 24 hours before the scheduled Lessons start. Please be sure to keep the sent emails in case they may be necessary for confirmation later.

2. Group Lessons cannot be cancelled for any reason. However, if Students miss Lessons, Students can receive the video recording of the Lessons that will be sent via e-mail etc. at a later date.

3. If HJ cannot perform scheduled Lessons at all due to HJ’s responsibility, such as inadequate network connection, HJ will reschedule the Lessons to another day. (No refund is possible)

4. If Lessons cannot be performed at all due to Students’ network connection, 50% of the Lessons’ time will be provided free of charge.

5. If Lessons are interrupted due to Zoom’s malfunction, HJ will use other communication methods (Skype, LINE, etc.). If the Lessons are still incomplete, the Lessons’ time will be added on to future Lessons’ time.

Article 10 (Expiration Date)

Lessons are generally offered in 5times a month, 10times a month(monthly tickets), and sets of 10times tickets. The term of validity is 180 days from the date of establishment of this Contract specified in Article 3 of the Terms and Conditions. 

1) Due to Students’ own circumstances, if the expiration date has passed, all Lessons for the Students will be invalid, so please be sure to use it within the expiration date.
2) If students are unable to attend Lessons due to the network connection of HJ or the reasons responsible for HJ, it is possible to extend the expiration date for that period.
3) If students are unable to attend Lessons due to force majeure such as a natural disaster, conflict, or strike, Students can extend the validity period for that period.
4) Extension of the expiration date and refund is not allowed for any personal reason of Students.

Article 11 (Copyrights)

All of the copyrights of textbooks and images provided by HJ in Lessons (hereinafter referred to as "HJ's copyrighted works") and other intellectual property rights (Including the rights provided in Article 27 and Article 28 of Copyright Law in Japan) belong to HJ, and it is prohibited to perform any act that infringes them without the prior written consent of HJ. However, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1 of this Terms and Conditions, textbooks purchased by Students at their own expense are not included in HJ’s copyrighted works.

1) The act of disclosing HJ's copyrighted work to the public such as SNS under the name of itself or a third party.
2) Copying HJ's copyrighted work beyond the scope of private use and distributing it to third parties regardless of whether it is paid or not.
3) Other acts that infringe on our intellectual property rights.

Article 12 (Compensation for Damages)

1. If Students cause damage to HJ, the Students shall compensate HJ for any and all of the damage.

2. If a dispute arises between Students and other Students or another third party due to Lessons, the Students will resolve the dispute at his or her own expense and will be obligated to compensate for any damage caused to HJ.

Article 13 (Change of Terms)

HJ can change all or part of this Terms and Conditions and the regulations attached to the Terms and Conditions. The modifications by HJ will take effect when they are posted on HJ's website, and the modifications will be applied to Students thereafter.

Article 14 (Invalidity of clause)

Even if any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions is judged to be illegal or invalid by a court having jurisdiction, the effect of the Terms and Conditions other than that provision shall not be affected.

Article 15(Jurisdiction Court)

All disputes over the Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court of Japan.

Article 16 (Matters to be discussed)

If there is any doubt about the interpretation of this Terms and Conditions or if there is no stipulation, HJ will try to resolve it smoothly after consultation in accordance with the principle of good faith.

Article 17 (Governing Law)
This Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.

As a supplement, the Terms and Conditions shall be implemented from August 1, 2020.

Kumiko Terada

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