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HELLO JAPAN is an online Japanese classes.

You can choose from either private lessons,

which are all custom-made, or group lessons, which are fun to learn with others.

We have experienced, qualified teachers who will teach you in a fun and deliberate way. 



First of all, please try a free 30-minute lesson. We will carefully suggest a lesson that suits your needs and level. (One lesson per student is limited.)

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Private Lessons (50-min)

Would you like to take a one-on-one lesson with an experienced and friendly Japanese teacher?

We give everyone lessons that suit your personality! Free trial for the first time!

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Q: Can I take a lesson from overseas?
A: Yes. You can take a lesson from all over the world. We use Zoom. You can take a lesson anywhere you want to take.

Q: I have never studied Japanese before. Do you have a lesson for me?
A: Of course, yes! Hello japan offers all custom made lesson. The native teacher will give you a lesson in English if you request it.

Q: Can I cancel a lesson?
A: Yes. You can cancel a lesson 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Q: Do I have to buy tickets?
A: Please look at the Plans and Pricing page. You can see the detail.

Q: How can I pay from overseas?
A: You can pay a lesson fee by Credit card.

Q: Do I have to buy a textbook?

A: We offer original lessons so we can share the documents. If you want to use a textbook, I can send it to you(you have to pay the textbook fee and EMS’s fee).

Q: Can I take a lesson for JLPT?
A: Of course, yes. I have experience teaching JLPT for more than 1000 students.



테라다 선생님은 너무 좋은 선생님입니다.
정말 일본어를 잘할 수 있게되어,

지금 일본에서 일하고있습니다.



Kumiko Terada

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I am a Japanese teacher and a huge Japan-lover.
Through learning Japanese, I want you to notice a lot of good things about Japan and be interested in them.
I'll teach you politely and use both Japanese and English in class. 
My hobbies are watching sumo wrestling, Japanese tea ceremony and playing golf. 

I have had experienced studying abroad in Australia. 
Completed  420-hour Japanese Language Teacher Training course.
Qualified as a J-Shine teacher of children English.
8 years of experience teaching Japanese (5 years of experience teaching English)

We also have other experienced and qualified teachers and staff as well.


Thank you for your inquiry!

LINE Official Account


Company name: HELLO JAPAN


Administration Manager: Kumiko Terada


Address: 3-1-35 Kouyama, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 176-0022, Japan


Phone number: 03-6885-9943



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